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About Us

Welcome to See2it Clean. We’re glad and grateful you’re here.

See2it Clean exists to provide our customers with 5 star service so exceptional that they can’t help but tell others! We are honored to serve our team members and customers across the St. Louis area community.


The See2it Team Starts with Family

See2it Clean started as a family entrepreneurial journey and continues on that path but we have to admit - building a family business is hard!  Working together to build the foundation of a strong multi-generational business requires learning from each other and encouraging growth and education with a shared purpose. No one cares -  (and aggravates each other) more - than family!

We desire to serve our team members in creative and inspiring ways that will allow us to grow so that we can help be a transformative influence in our community through outreach and leadership development.

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Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values

We're proud to be a purpose-driven company in the service of others. We're excited to share our mission, vision, and core values with you as a commitment to authenticity and a means of holding ourselves accountable to these high standards.

Our Mission

To serve our team members exceptionally through mentorship and development that will result in a company that consistently creates happy customers and through that success can help transform our community.

See2it Vision

See2it Clean is a trusted learning and leadership development ecosystem that empowers it’s team members to take action toward achieving their goals by providing best-in-class leadership development, community-building opportunities, and training experiences. See2it Clean also partners with other businesses and gospel focused outreach to develop and champion connections that further transform our communities .

Our Core Values

Work with Purpose

The best, most valuable work we can do comes from focusing on customer service, listening to customer and team member feedback, and constantly adjusting to improve every day.

Take Care

We strive to care for our team and our customers through being considerate of the needs, goals, and boundaries of all, weaving empathy and service into every action and intention.

Embrace the Process

Be curious. Learn from failure and admit mistakes. Question assumptions and explore opportunities.   Find as much joy in the work as in the success.